Who we are

Who we are

Homegrown choices, everywhere you turn.

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Rochester is surrounded by one of the most abundant regions on Earth. Dairy farms. Apple orchards. And culinary masters in everything from chocolate to cheese. Yup. All pretty close to home. We’re working to get it even closer to you. When you shop at Hart’s, you’ll find fresh produce from right down the road. Shelves stocked with products made by your neighbors. And takeout menus inspired by the city’s changing seasons.

Okay. Truth is, New York State will probably never be the nation’s citrus capital. But we’re committed to sourcing at least 20% of our products from regional suppliers and farms. If we can top that, we will.


What zip code does your food come from?

One of the best reasons to offer fresh, local choices: it tastes fantastic. Another reason we love to support local suppliers is that they contribute so much to our economy. When these folks do well, it’s good for all of us.

So, what do we mean by “local”? Many of our suppliers are right here in the Rochester region. You’ll recognize their towns right away. But we reach out statewide to bring you the best, broadest range of choice we can find—still as fresh as a quick trip down the Thruway.


  • 1. Local suppliers

    We’ve searched high and low for farmers and suppliers that offer the best of the region’s bounty.

  • 2. Delivery

    Day in and day out, trucks arrive from every direction with freshly harvested goodness.

  • 3. Retail

    Food that’s right from the farm looks different. It bursts with color. Makes you feel different, too. Because you know you’re supporting your neighbors.

  • 4. Your dinner table

    Nothing like a meal made with ingredients from right here. It’s pure proof that we live in one of the most delicious places in the world.