Travel: A Guide to Eating Healthy on the Road

April 18, 2018

Words and photos by: Rachel Ludwig

Photo by Rachel Liz Photography

Hi- Rachel Ludwig here! So you’ve got your passport in hand or road trip plugged into Google Maps but before you head off- make sure you’re prepped to eat healthy on the road! The last three months my husband Josh and I have been traveling the country in our 1991 RV, Hendricks, so we’ve had a lot of time to find out what works for long days in the car. We love a splurge meal and exploring new foods in new cities but on long travel days, it is helpful to have a plan. When traveling, especially for an extended period of time like three months, it’s so important to take care of your body and prepare yourself to have the best trip ever!

Travel Gear
Photo by Rachel Liz Photography

1. Drink WATER.

This is obvious but SO important. When you are sitting for long hours in a plane or car nothing makes you feel better than being well hydrated. Grab a few Poland Springs seltzers to make this more fun and exciting – Sparkling Lemon all the way.

Photo by Rachel Liz Photography

2. Prep your own D.I.Y trail mix

I always like to have a high protein option ready to go so that I’m not tempted to buy convenience food in between meals. Energy mixes are a perfect solution BUT with prepackaged mixes you inevitably pick out the things you like and leave half a bag of what you don’t. Plus these can have unnecessary ingredients and fillers. LIFE HACK! to avoid waste and eating unnecessary elements: make your own! The bulk department is an amazing resource and Hart’s has a perfect selection of bulk dried fruit, nuts + seeds. Just pick your favorites, mix together + stash in your travel bag for when you get a case of the hangries. One of our favorite combos: dried coconut, cashews, + dark chocolate bits.

Health Aid Kombucha
Photo by Rachel Liz Photography

3. Take care of your gut!

In order to stay healthy on the road my number one tip is take care of your gut! Whenever our bodies are out of their comfort zone and experiencing a new schedule, odd meal times, new + different foods they can really start to freak out. I always grab a Kombucha before hitting the road as my first line of defenses. Peppermint tea is another great and natural way to calm your stomach plus is delicious. I keep a few bags in my purse at all times for quick access on the road.

Ithaca Hummus
Photo by Rachel Liz Photography

4. Pack a mini cooler!

Mini coolers- not just for the beach! I think we can all agree that rest stops are the worst and typically only offer less than ideal fast food options. Counter the rest stop blues by stocking up you cooler with hummus, Ithaca Beet Hummus being a fave, and chop up your favorite fresh veggies for dipping throughout the drive!

Now, get out there and explore!

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