Traditions and a Neighborhood Celebration

July 2, 2015

The Eagles Parade is shown marching down Main Street. Members of Aerie 52 of Rochester are carrying the largest American flag in the State of New York. Many spectators are lined up on the sidewalks. In the far right corner is the W. L. Douglas Shoe Company. (circa 1913)

Tradition. Aside from the obvious celebration of our independence, the Fourth of July is all about tradition. It captures moments and memories of summer days gathered around family, or a community of people you may not even know. Sitting on the damp grass of a cool summer night, peering into the night sky as it’s lit up with bursts of vibrant colors blasting off over Rochester’s city scape, illuminated by the reflection of the Genesee river. The bang of the explosion rumbles, resonating deep in your chest. Shoulder to shoulder with your city, your neighbors, people from all corners and walks of life, together in awe, living a tradition as a community.

Neighborhood grocery, like the Fourth of July, is a celebration of tradition. Although we keep an eye on the future, we try to never lose sight of what made Hart’s a staple of Rochester’s neighborhoods in the past. They’d deliver groceries to homes when requested, were small in size and personable, going that extra mile—literally and figuratively—for their neighbors. These are traditions worth living up to, in our eyes.

Our neighborhood is changing, and we are beginning to see old traditions taking shape again – trusty deliveries of milk and produce ordered weekly, or families that buy the same popsicles each week.

We hope to be more than just a grocery store. We strive to help create traditions here in the East End; days to reminisce on and moments to celebrate. If we’re lucky enough to be included in your holiday, we’d like to think we are providing more than groceries, but maybe just some parts of memories to be treasured, and hopefully repeated into traditions. So to our freedom, to our local businesses, and to our neighbors, embrace your traditions and have a safe and happy Fourth of July.

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