Fresh from Canandaigua, NY: The Dalai Java

June 15, 2017

The old-style roaster, without any bells and whistles, sits out in the open at The Dalai Java on Main St. in Cananadaigua, NY. Although the shop is now in it’s second location, this is the same roaster that has been producing the coffee shops beloved blends since 2010. “It’s truly a craft and an intimate process,” says owner Moksha Bartkowski. “You listen for the signs and watch your colors. The roaster is right here in our storefront so people can chat with us as we us roast.”

Bartkowski saw an opportunity in The Dalai Java three years ago when the previous owner, a friend of hers, moved to Florida. “It was an invitation to do something- it felt right,” she said. “I love the people who come here and the people who work here.”

Pulling from her previous career as a massage therapist and reiki master, Bartkowski is all about bringing positive energy into the shop. The shop not only serves as a place for work and relaxation, but also a place to engage the community. Their karma board allows people to buy friends or strangers whatever they want, or simply leave a compliment. Across from the roaster you’ll also find a chalkboard for people to share a bit about themselves under a central theme that changes monthly.

Your cup of Dalai Java coffee will always be fresh, most likely roasted that day,  as well as organic and fair trade. What makes their coffee blends different though, is the rotating selection of Chinese herbs in their blends, each with a different purpose: immune support, digestion, and relaxation, to name a few. The herbs are added in such a way that you don’t really taste them, which Bartkowski says is good because they’re super earthy. “They’re for effect,” she mentions, “not flavor.”

Bartkowski thinks, though, that their concentrated cold brew is truly their signature drink. Their cold brew blend is brewed for 24 hours. After it’s filtered it’s chilled. Many people add syrups, but most enjoy the very bold flavor and drink it black.

Can’t make it out to Canandaigua to visit their shop? You’re in luck! We sell The Dalai Java coffee beans in store and online– and we’ll soon be carrying their cold brew, too! You can also join them this weekend at Hart’s Fest 2017, right here in our parking lot from 12pm to 3pm.

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