The Perfect Blend Of Sweet & Spice: Momma K’s Meat Hot Sauce

September 23, 2016

Michael Passantino’s believes that here in Rochester we are spoiled when it comes to food. From garbage plates to subs to our local pizza shops, there are things that you won’t find elsewhere quite the way you’ll find them here. The same goes for meat hot sauce.

Michael grew up with meat hot sauce at every family cookout. It was a homemade, Italian family sauce with a twist. Developed by his great uncle and adapted by his Mom, the hot sauce is perfectly palatable for those who prefer a spicy sauce, and those who prefer a sweet sauce.

Three years ago, when Michael turned his love for cooking into a career and opened MJ’s Hots, he put his family recipe on the menu. Customers loved adding it to hot dogs, hamburgers and Italian sausage and often requested the recipe as well as jars of the sauce. Three months ago their wish came true when Michael started bottling Momma K’s, named after his mom Kammy, right here in Rochester.

“I was born and raised in Rochester, “ Michael said. “Meat hot sauce is predominately Rochester thing. I want to be able to introduce it to different markets so people have a new perspective. Hot sauce is so much more versatile! It’s not your typical meat hot sauce. I want to change the way people use it and what they think of when they hear meat hot sauce.”

Michael believes that hot sauce can add a new dynamic to a meal. His favorite way to use his hot sauce, for example, is on a sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich or on scrambled eggs. He’s seen more and more people use it to put on macaroni and cheese, chicken sandwiches, panini and even as a dipping sauce for a grilled cheese.

Come try Momma K’s and grab a jar this Saturday at our 2nd Anniversary Celebration from 12-3pm!

p.s. Don’t forget to check out the back of the jar to read more on how Momma K’s came to be!

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