The Kitchen

The Kitchen

Good smells wafting your way.

A diverse neighborhood deserves a diverse kitchen. And ours will serve up something to suit every taste. The menu will change every day, but the quality of ingredients and the variety of cultural influences will be consistent all year long.

As varied as corned beef hash, vegetarian soups, and house-cured salmon kissed with local chevre. Breakfasts of farm fresh eggs and New York cheddar. Lunches of crisp, toasty grilled cheese, smoked turkey, savory jams. The kind of comfort food that will have a broad appeal—and inspire broad smiles around the table. Some fancy. Some simple. All ridiculously delicious.

Sandwich Shop

Let’s face it: Hart’s is in one of the best neighborhoods for lunch in all of Rochester. Which means we have a lot of favorite destinations to compete with. It also means we’re pulling out all the stops to offer the East End lunch crowd the tastiest mix of goodness you can fit between two slices of bread. And a lively, comfortable spot to do your munching. Fresh local ingredients. Locally baked breads and rolls. Homemade toppings and spreads. Pack more flavor into your lunch break at Hart’s. We even have a comfy place for you to sit down, relax, and watch the world go by on Winthrop Street.

The Kitchen Menu

The menu at the Hart’s Kitchen is continuously evolving. Our menus may change at any time based on what’s fresh and in season. Check out our menu for a few items that you can expect to find almost always.