The Hart’s Premium Catalog

February 27, 2015

“Save our coupons, they are valuable,” reads an undated Premium Catalog issued by the Hart’s Food Stores. “Our catalog contains, we believe, the finest list of useful, practical, and sensible items to be had from any premium plan in the country.”

The original Hart’s Food Stores were known for rewarding shoppers with certificates with each dollar purchase. Two green or fifty cent coupons equal a certificate. Ten pink or ten cent coupons equal a certificate.


“Before the taste of trading stamp glue was ever known, there were trading coupons,” wrote Susan Wojciechowski in an April 27, 1986 issue of Upstate Magazine. “Stacked under the counter in neat, colored piles, they resembled play money and were coveted by all the customers.”

harts_wagonShoppers could redeem coupons and certificates for a wide range of items, including Oneida Silverware, aluminum kitchen utensils, furniture, rugs, lamps, clocks, and even toys for the children.

Hart’s wagons, or carts, probably topped the list for popularity. Children from all over Rochester played with the wagons, and these wagons eventually ended up across the country as people moved, and in one case, as far away as China!

Look for original Hart’s wagons around our store. We’re fortunate to have collected a handful from folks around the Rochester area.

Browse the Hart’s Premium Catalog …

We’re so appreciative of the many shoppers who have given us certificates, sales flyers, and other memorabilia from the original Hart’s Food Stores.

One of our favorite pieces is this undated Hart’s Premium Catalog. Hundreds of items span 15 pages in the beautifully illustrated catalog.


Click here to browse the entire catalog (4MB PDF).

The modern day Hart’s Rewards Program …

Today, we reward our shoppers with points on every purchase. Swipe your Hart’s Rewards Card every time you shop with us and watch the points add up. Redeem your points for cool Hart’s gear, like t-shirts, mugs, and even gift cards.

Did we mention Red Wings tickets?! Stay tuned. Those are on the way! Plus, we’re about to add a bunch of great things to the Rewards program.

Don’t have a Rewards Card yet? Sign up next time you’re in the store!

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