Spotlight on Cheesy Eddie’s

April 21, 2016

On the corner of South Ave. and Averill St. in the South Wedge, a family-owned bakery resides that can turn carrot cake haters into carrot cake lovers. It’s true! Owner John Baker himself was once less than a fan of carrot cake- until Cheesy Eddie’s came into his life.

John used to work at Merkel Donohue, just down the street. He loved stopping at Cheesy Eddie’s for coffee and cookies and got to know everyone at the bakery well. He started to take Cheesy Eddie’s sweets to meetings, sharing it with clients and friends. Knowing that one day he wanted to own his own business, he started talking to the then-owner of Cheesy Eddie’s (Marjorie, Eddie’s sister) about buying the business one day. Years later, in 2003, the dream became a reality.

John and his wife, Colleen, who co-owns Cheesy Eddie’s, joke that their children could recognize ingredients before their own names. It’s one of the reasons they appreciated the business in the first place. Cheesy Eddie’s sweets were always made with all-natural and high quality ingredients and they still are today: farm-fresh eggs, freshly shaved carrots, a secret, custom vanilla that you won’t be able to get anywhere else, and the list goes on.

While the ingredients are the same, the line-up of sweets has changed. The favorites, cheesecake and carrot cake, have remained but the Baker’s added an over-the-top line that makes their regular line more decadent: Oreo Explosion, Cherry Delight, mini-desserts, cheesecake stuffed cupcakes and of course, the Jillian’s Delight.

As the story goes, John and Colleen’s niece- Jillian- would put cream cheese frosting in between two large oatmeal cookies and make her own dessert while at the bakery. After a recommendation from their son, they decided to sell the delightful creation and name the cookie sandwich Jillian’s Delight. They now offer multiple sizes of the treat- one of which we just so happen to carry here are Hart’s along with other Cheesy Eddie’s treats.

In their employee handbook the Baker’s have a company values triangle, so no matter which way you turn it all three sides are just as important. This triangle highlights that they strive to run a bakery that provides a quality product, is a great and flexible place to work, and ensures that their customers have an outstanding experience. They love when their customers leave with a little skip in their step. So whether you’re stopping into their bakery on South Ave. or picking up a Cheesy Eddie’s sweet treat at Hart’s, you can feel confident that a lot of thought and care went into the dessert you’re sure to enjoy.


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