Spirit of Rochester: Chris Nolan | Cheese Monger

June 5, 2015

Chris Nolan is your Cheese Monger.

His past is filled with cheese markets, working in NYC markets, Whole Foods, and Wegmans. Chris has expertise that comes from a curiosity about the things that delight him, and the tutelage of his mentors. “It’s like Chefs working through the ranks. Each chef you work under teaches you something different. Each market I’ve worked at, I’ve learned something different.”

And after many years of working for other cheese departments, Chris joined the Hart’s team in 2014 for the freedom to create his own cheese counter from scratch. He is essentially doing his own thing within the walls of Hart’s. When asked what he enjoys about the freedom: “I mean, why not? Isn’t that what everyone wants? To do their own thing?”

Watch a profile of the independent spirit known as Chris Nolan. Your local cheese monger.

Hart’s. Spirit of Rochester. 2015.

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