Our Favorite Ingredient Just May Be: Cheese!

January 23, 2017

On eggs at breakfast, on a melt for lunch, paired with crackers and a Roc Brewing Co. IPA… one of our favorite ingredients just may be: cheese. Looking for some cheese-spiration? Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite cheese recipes from over the years, and some new suggestions by our very own cheesemonger, Becca:

  1. Marscapone mashed potatoes
  2. East Hill Creamery mac and cheese
  3. East Hill Creamery french onion soup
  4. Cacio e Pepe
  5. Grilled cheese with caramelized apples (and Stuart’s Spices apple pie spice!)
  6. Parmesan roasted cauliflower
  7. Polenta pizza bites
  8. Mediterranean couscous
  9. Spinach and feta turnovers
  10. Artichoke and red pepper dip
  11. Tomato quinoa salad
  12. Sartori rosemary and asiago potato salad
  13. Rogue Creamery smokey blue and spaghetti squash
  14. Lively Run Goat Dairy Cayuga Blue, dried fig and rosemary scones

As always, if you need any help finding one of the cheeses listed above or are interested in a vegan option as a replacement- ask away! We’re here to help. Leave a comment below or stop by our cheese shop.

Giving one of these recipes a try this weekend? Share a photo on social media and use the tag #HartsYUMs for the chance to be featured!

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