Mother’s Day Lunchette

May 5, 2017

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and we’ve teamed up with Victoria Gerhardt, owner and stylist at Home.Style.Heart, to share with you some fun lunch ideas- and a DIY project good for all ages!

Home Style Heart Tablescape

With Mother’s Day right around the corner I was excited to team up with Hart’s Local Grocers to style a little lunch spread, a “lunchette,” if you will. This spread was all about simple, yummy treats made beautiful. Spoiling mom on Mother’s Day can be as easy as a quick grocery store run! Here are some fun ways to throw a little lunchette for your momma or other special lady in your life.

Home Style Heart Lunchette
As far as I’m concerned no meal can go wrong with a baguette thrown in the mix! I used a baguette as a vessel for some microgreens topped with goat cheese, a cucumber and fresh herbs. You can add a drizzle of honey or even a balsamic glaze. Feel free to mix up the combinations – try simple cucumbers topped with herbs and sesame seeds or add some fruit preserves. Use your garnishes like confetti for your plate and tabletop. Give yourself the liberty to make it edible and gorgeous! When I was dreaming up this tabletop I wanted to incorporate a lot feminine colors and florals.

I love this deep purple beet and lemon hummus and the bright watermelon slices topped with lime. I filled celery stalks with goat cheese, dried apricots and sprinkled with chia. Cucumber slices were spiced up with some shakes of chili powder – yum!

Home Style Heart Hummus

Fresh herbs stole the show for this lunch! I liberally used them atop the food, alongside as garnishes and even in delicate bunches on a handmade wreath for mom’s gift! Grapevine wreaths can be easily made with gathered vines or premade wreaths from a craft store. Add some thyme or rosemary for a sweet Mother’s Day gift. These wreaths also look perfect around the bottom of a vase or incorporated in your centerpiece. Don’t have time to make a wreath? Just make mini bouquets with the herbs themselves and use as place-settings or plate-garnishes!

Home Style Heart Herbs
To get started on this project I had a color scheme in mind – then I headed to the aisles of Hart’s and my vision started to come together! You can recreate this look with these grocery goods or come up with your own “lunchette” items for a special Mother’s Day meal for mom. Happy decorating (& eating)!

Quick grocery list of items from Hart’s that I used:
Fresh baguette
Goat cheese
Seedless cucumbers
Fresh dill, thyme and rosemary
Carrot chips
Beet and lemon hummus
Celery stalks
Fresh bouquet of flowers
Izze sodas
Dark chocolate bar

This lunchette combines two of my loves: decorating and food. Putting it together also reminded me of when I was a little girl and I surprised my mom with a Mother’s Day brunch. I remember having my mom stay out of the kitchen and dining room while I worked putting together little cucumber tea sandwiches, even cutting the crust off the bread, and decorating the table with flowers from our yard. I was delighted to surprise her with a special lunch all for her! I think I even made her an invitation.  Just goes to show the sweet memories that come from doing something special for those you love! Happy Mother’s Day.


You can also join Victoria at Hart’s during our Mother’s Day Mini Market on May 13th from 12pm-3pm to shop her vintage wares as well as have her help you build the perfect Mother’s Day lunchette with flowers from Flower Fields Forever and food found right here at Hart’s!

Feeling inspired? Tag Victoria ( and Hart’s (@hartslocalgrocers) in your comments on Instagram so we can see your creations (and even repost them, too!)

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