Meet the Ladies of Eat Me Ice Cream

July 17, 2014

Cait sorting through the cherries
Cait sorting through the cherries

“No one does this,” Caitlyn Augustyn laughs as she pores over two large tubs of cherries. “We just picked up cherries this morning and we’re pitting them all by hand!”

It’s all about going the extra mile for Amber Odhner and Caitlyn, who have been making ice cream together for nearly four years.

“It all happened so fast. We first started making ice cream in 2011, but technically, we’re really now starting.”

After making a splash at various farmers’ markets around the city, Eat Me Ice Cream took off. With signature flavors like lavender goat cheese, hibiscus & dulce, and peaches & cream, Eat Me is hard to resist.

“We’re trying to constantly feed our fire,” Amber tells us. “We’re trying to give Rochester a real ice cream.”

Amber dishing out a batch of ginger ice cream.
Amber dishing out a batch of ginger ice cream.

And every so often Amber and Cait surprise us all with zany combinations like the taco sandwich: a scoop of pinto bean, a scoop of spicy tomato, and a scoop of creamy avocado, topped with shredded tortilla chips. Yum!

“What’s next?”

Amber smiles. “Look for ramen ice cream in a few weeks.”

That one didn’t even catch us off guard.

“We go to the market and binge eat. We buy truffle oils and all the cheeses, and just eat for hours. That’s where we have business meetings!”

“We make what we want to see,” Amber says. “I make what I want to binge eat! I want to see an ice cream that’s made out of blue cheese and chicken wings!”

Amber and Cait produce over 200 sandwiches each week for markets, and another 200 iced candy “pops.”

The eat me cart

“Looking back, I think people thought we were crazy,” Amber tells us. “I think we’ve been a source of comedy for the market scene, and that’s fine!”

“We took our first bike cart out, and put a mini freezer on it, and halfway to the market the cart collapsed in the middle of the road,” Amber laughs.

Look for Eat Me Ice Cream in our freezer case this summer!

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