The best holiday meals come from having a great relationship with your Butcher

December 9, 2014

Korey Mobilio, Hart’s Meat & Seafood Supervisor

By Korey Mobilio, Meat & Seafood Supervisor

My name is Korey, and I am proud to call myself a butcher. You may ask yourself why anyone would be proud to call themselves that. The truth is that it’s a generational skill that has been passed on from my grandfather.

I began to learn the skill of butchery at a very young age spending numerous hours at my grandfather’s store, Scottsville Fruit and Vegetable. It wasn’t boning, trimming, or even tying meat, it was creating the most wonderful personalized experience for the customer and their family.

This is the experience that I am trying to give back to the Rochester community through Hart’s Local Grocers. My team and I have over 65 years of experience in butchery–we are a plethora of knowledge and feed off sharing it with all of our customers. We want today’s generation to experience what our grandparents and our parents remembered growing up.

There was always that excitement to get up and head to the meat market to see what kind of new items the butcher had created that day. This is truly a skill that has become so forgotten and taken for granted in this day and age. Throughout the holiday season, my team and I aim to capture the senses of our customers with some specialty items exclusive to Hart’s.

During the month of December, we will be hosting four holiday sausage making classes. These classes will highlight family recipes that I’m proud to have brought with me to Hart’s. Every day, we’re proud to feature 100% natural products, sourced from within 100 miles of the store. We can trace every animal from birth until they time they arrive to us.

Please stop in and meet our staff in the meat department. We are here to create the most wonderful experience for you and your family.

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  • Korey, had a great time at the first sausage class. Great story and your a great butcher, I grew up going to a the butcher market, Barnard Meat Market, Stone Rd. My Mom always bought from them, I remember all the hanging meat, coolers, buzzing saws have always had a great respect for the art of butchering and you are very good at it, you love it and it shows.

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