Meet Kim Jennings: Mobile Operations Supervisor

July 22, 2016

Kim Jennings is a mother of three (Dheaven, Nevaeh, and Raehea’ven), a self-proclaimed music nut, and a firm believer in goodwill and humanity. Kim grew up in Hamlin NY, the last town on the west end of Monroe County surrounded by farms, cows, corn, snowmobiles, ATV’s, and dirtbikes. “I enjoy bonfires, country fun, and the subtle beauties of living out here,” says Kim.

Kim was introduced to Hart’s through local radio station WDKX. She heard about open interviews in Clinton Square and stopped by in-between her job at the time and the start of her evening classes. Shortly after she began at Hart’s as a stocker. That was in August 2014. Today, Kim works as the Mobile Operations Supervisor, Powered by Rosie, where she manages the online delivery operations for Hart’s.

“Rosie is put in place for your ease,” Kim shares. “When my team prepares your orders, know that we go for top notch quality on what you have selected for your cart.  We would not deliver you anything we ourselves would not want to get for our families. As always with our customers, Service with a smile, hello, and how are you today.  We want our customers to not only know who we are, but glad they met us- and its reciprocal!”

Personally, Kim’s shopping goes through trends. “Right now, In The Raw lemonade is everything,” she says. Of course, having an in-depth look at every ingredient in the store in a daily basis results in a variety of favorites. She also recommends Hart’s chicken salad, Liberte yogurt (dessert in a cup), Hart’s house sausage, Hart’s house bacon, Hart’s house mac n’ cheese and Hart’s quinoa apple salad- lots of #HartsYUMs, as we like to call them!

Although her favorite recipe is her Mom’s fruit salad, she does have one recipe of her own she’s proud of- a gem everyone asks her to share, she says:

Lipton Onion Soup Burgers
– 1 pack Lipton Onion soup mix
– 2lbs ground beef (I use 3lbs)
– Mix packet with 1/3c warm water
– Combine with ground beef.

– Form and cook

“Thank me later,” Kim says.

Visit our Rosie page for more information on our delivery service.




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