Meet Carlie

February 12, 2015

IMG_20150212_113720“I’ve been on this peanut butter kick. The only thing I’ve been eating lately is peanut butter and rice crackers,” Carlie tells us before we sit down. “I LOVE peanut butter.”

You’ve probably met Carlie at our Coffee Bar and in our Sandwich Shop. Her infectiously friendly and bubbly personality will surely put a smile on your face.

Carlie came to Hart’s at the end of August, after coming home from San Diego. “My mom loves Hart’s, and we needed dinner but didn’t want to cook, so we stopped by the prepared foods counter. Everyone was filled with knowledge about the foods and where they came from. It was such an amazing experience.”

“So of course I had to start working at Hart’s.”

And we couldn’t be happier that Carlie joined us.

“My dream was always to move back from San Diego and become part of a community,” Carlie tells us. “It was so hard to get on the same level as the thousands upon thousands of people in San Diego.”

“I especially love Hart’s because of the connections I can make with people and the number of people I can share a smile with every day.”

Outside of work, Carlie enjoys being with people and doing yoga. “Lots of yoga.”

Her favorite thing to eat at Hart’s? “The signature breakfast sandwich, of course. I also LOVE guacamole. But I’m too positive of a person to focus on what I don’t like to eat! … Well, I really don’t like salty foods.”

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