It’s Wellness Season!

September 10, 2015

The seasons are changing and so are our bodies! With summer on its way out, we are preparing for the seasonal dive into Fall and Winter.  It is vital to be proactive and gear up for the colder weather by boosting our immune system. The Wellness department at Hart’s tries to stay ahead of the curve by keeping healthy ourselves (we aren’t any use otherwise), and by providing you with knowledge and products to help you do the same.  

As the leaves change, we also need to change by giving our bodies extra attention and supercharging the immune system. Upping our intake of everything we already take for immune health is a solid start. However, it is a great time to add something new, like a homemade apple cider vinegar cocktail – we recommend one in particular that we carry here in Wellness called Fire Cider. On the back of a bottle it says, ”Fire Cider is like a large bear on a cold winter night – a large bear that mauls what ails you!”

Claims aside, it wakes you up…

A consistent regimen for our immune system is invaluable, so the Wellness department here at Hart’s is always stocked full of items that support immune health. Echinacea tincture, oil of oregano, and lozenges with elderberry are great to prevent illness. We have a myriad of homeopathic remedies for cold and flu, but the key to knowing what works well for you is trying different products and noticing how you feel.

The other key is letting us help you! We love it when customers reach out, say hello, and ask questions. We love feedback on what worked, what didn’t help, and what your favorite products are. Manuka honey is an amazing product for a variety of maladies, but we wouldn’t know that without having shared experiences!

Here is to embracing the transition of change, so come into Hart’s for Wellness season and share those feelings! Nothing is more valuable than feeling great, staying healthy, and sharing with others how we made that happen. Health is our form of wealth.

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