In search of of the classic grape pie

September 26, 2014

By Julie Haring, Hart’s Local Goods Coordinator

I drove out to Naples yesterday, and after an hour and a half drive through the lovely countryside with all the fall colors and tractors on the road, I started to near the town. The problem being, I had no address of where I was going. I had spoken to Jeni earlier on the phone and she said “Absolutely! Come get pies. Call me back to confirm if you’re going to pick them up.”

When I tried to call her back, it went straight to voicemail. So I had no address and the only thing I was going off of was an image on Google of Jeni’s house somewhere in Naples.

It worked. I got off Main Street, and right on the corner there was one house that vaguely resembled the house in the photograph. It was a diferent color but had a big sign on the lawn saying “Jeni’s Pies.”

So I walked up onto the porch and realized it was not a house but a cafè, and that the cafè was closed. But the door was unlocked.

So I went in and started calling out to whoever was in the kitchen because I could hear them cooking, and two people came out and upon hearing the word “pie”, shouted, “You’ve got the wrong place. Jeni’s at home. She sells here but is home baking for the festival in her kitchen.”

A woman from the kitchen came out and said, “So what you’re going to want to do is drive straight up this road, leave town, climb the hill, you’re going to pass two cornfields, one’s an open cornfield and the other one is fenced, and you’ll see a bunch of goats and chickens, and an avocado colored house and that’s Jeni’s place.”

Pulling in, true to form, I get out of the car I get pecked at by her chickens, but it was okay because the entire yard smelled of fresh pie and grapes. I opened my car door and got this huge hit of baked goods.

Jeni came out and said “Hi, come in!” and pointed out the vineyards where she picks her grapes, and then went on to show me the pie room. The room was literally, floor to ceiling, boxes of pies all prepared for the Naples Grape Festival this weekend.

I took a dozen. These will fly off the shelves. Stop in before they’re gone!


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