Holiday Tabletop Styling with Home.Style.Heart!

December 16, 2016

With holiday parties and dinners just a week away, we teamed up with Victoria Gerhardt, owner and stylist at Home.Style.Heart, to share with you some fun tabletop tips- and a DIY project that the whole family can do!

A decorative tablescape can be a multipurpose and functional way to decorate for the holidays! It is the perfect combination of style and affordability – not to mention, it’s edible! This year, I wanted to go for a vibrant burst of holiday merriment so I choose bright colors and happy complimenting pieces. All I did was browse the aisles of Hart’s to get inspired!

To start, I collected greens from my backyard and placed them loosely on the table. If you don’t have pine trees in your backyard go to a friend’s house, trim the bottom of your Christmas tree, use kale or spinach or buy some fresh or faux greens. Once the greens were down, I laid out the fruit. To create the style shown above, I used:

3 pomegranates
5 granny smith apples
2 grapefruits
1 bag of clementines
4 bosc pears
1 bag of large walnuts
1 bag of cranberries
2 large ginger roots
2 packs of fresh rosemary
1 pack of Sanpellegrino sparkling clementine beverage

You can use cake stands or platters to make little vignettes of your produce (place the fruit on the platter then layer rosemary with cranberries, walnuts and mini pinecones). After all of the larger items were on the table I used the walnuts and cranberries as table-scatter. Lastly, I added some cornstarch clay ornaments for a pop of bright white.

Cornstarch clay ornaments (not edible):
1 C. baking soda
½ C. corn starch
¾ C. water

  • Combine ingredients and cook over low heat, stirring here & there, until the mix looks like lumpy mashed potatoes. The mixture should all clump together at this point.
  • Remove from heat and cover with a towel until cool.
  • Next, roll out dough at thin as you’d like and cut into shapes with cookie cutters. Flour your surface first to prevent sticking.
  • Once shapes are formed use a toothpick to poke holes where you’d like to add string.
  • Then, lay on surface and these will harden in a few hours. No need to bake! (I flipped mine over once one side seemed dry.)

These are the sweetest little ornaments to add as a gift topper. You can also personalize them with an ultra-fine tip permanent marker after they have dried!


Feeling inspired? Tag Victoria ( and Hart’s (@hartslocalgrocers) in your comments on Instagram so we can see your creations (and even repost them, too!).

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