Have A Goodrich Day!

December 1, 2017

Goodrich Coffee

“There’s a story about one of our employees where a customer was picking up their coffee, and he said ‘Have a Goodrich Day.’ It kind of stuck,” jokes Richard Budde, founder of Goodrich Coffee. The name came before the saying, of course, combining the street names where their shop is located (the corner of Main and Goodrich) and Richard’s name.

Richard started Goodrich Coffee in July 2008, which Richard says was not an ideal time to start a business. “The stock market was plummeting and business was rough. At first I was not living the dream,” Richard said. But, with lots of learning, some changes, and 80 hour work-weeks, things changed. The moment Richard received his first paycheck he celebrated by asking his now-wife to marry him. Goodrich Coffee has continued to grow over the past almost 10 years.

While Goodrich Coffee originally purchased coffee from a supplier in NYC, they soon began to roast their own beans- first right inside their coffee shop in Clarence, NY (a suburb of Buffalo, NY), and now at their separate roasting facility. “I flew out to Nevada for my roasting training with the man who made our roasting machine. Everything is made by hand by him, and manufactured in the USA,” notes Richard.

Richard from Goodrich Coffee

Roasting their beans gives them more control over their products consistency. They purchase higher end beans, fair trade and organic, and some come from micro-lot coffees (40 acres or less). Richard says they fall somewhere in-between 2nd and 3rd wave coffee and he’s exciting to be a part of a city with a growing coffee culture.

Ultimately, Richard loves the community aspect of being roaster and having a coffee shop. He gets to see people every day, and be there through it all for them. In fact, he’s just refreshed his store for his customers and hopes to bring more tastings to the shop soon.

Goodrich Coffee Bag

Want to try Goodrich Coffee right here in Rochester? Pick up their fair trade and organic Christmas Blend –  a full-body, well-balanced, high in caffeine coffee with a classic dark chocolate finish- Ethiopian Yircheffe or Goodrich East Timor right here at Hart’s Local Grocers. Or,  sample their coffee while building your holiday gift basket this Saturday at our 4th Annual Hart’s Holiday Market!



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