Lov Farms:
Organic Bunch Red Beets

Hurd Orchards:
Blueberries (pint)

Flower City Mushrooms
Shiitake Mushrooms

Smugtown Mushrooms
Oyster Mushrooms

Headwater Food Hub:
Organic Green Leaf Lettuce
Organic Red Leaf Lettuce
Organic Romain Lettuce
Organic Zucchini

All the organic items listed here are priced at conventional prices! (regular produce)


A calendar full of seasonal treasures.

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After a long winter, one of the great pleasures of life in Rochester is the continuous stream of fruits and vegetables that make their appearance throughout summer and fall. Strawberries. Cucumbers. Peas and corn. Pumpkins and squash. It’s like music to your mouth. Taste the symphony right here in our produce section, where the flavors and colors change every week as the seasons advance. Our local farmers are shipping their best produce to Hart’s by the truckload. Crisp. Sweet. Juicy. So go ahead. Pinch our peaches. But be gentle.