Celebrate the Spirit of Rochester. Start at Hart’s Local Grocers.

May 1, 2015

A touch of the past. An eye on the future. A spirit of independence.

Since our doors opened wide in Summer 2014, Hart’s Local Grocers has celebrated two Rochesters side by side—the historic and the yet-to-come. And what a pair! Our region has a legendary heritage of inviting people to nurture their dreams. Blaze their own trail. Start fresh. Invent the future. We see it in the landmarks and murals of our most famous ancestors. And hey, there’s more than two or three of ‘em. The side streets here are filled with countless people who’ve written their own story—and still do.

spirit500At Hart’s, one of our most cherished heirlooms is a battered wagon that still bears the inscription, “Spirit of Rochester.” For us, it’s a symbol of everything we love about life here. Local flavors. Neighborhood strolls. Resilience and charm and simple joys. That wagon also represents the independent spirit among our customers, suppliers, and partners. People who want something different. And small businesses growing in our own backyard.

As we gear up for summer 2015 and beyond, Hart’s is introducing some surprising new ways to celebrate Rochester’s unique, independent spirit. New things to taste. New ways to shop. New people to meet. Cool events to see and hear.

So stay tuned. We’re here to Celebrate the Spirit of Rochester—and we’ve only just begun.

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