Beer is Identity

May 29, 2015

Our small role in Rochester’s renaissance has been made possible by our focus on showcasing all that our region has to offer. From Youngman Farms’ beef to Paul Guglielmo’s sauces, it’s been almost unfairly easy to provide our customers with the highest quality products crafted by our own neighbors.

A shelf featuring local brews at Hart's.
A shelf featuring local brews at Hart’s.

The same applies to our beer selection. We have built an extensive craft beer and cider portfolio that includes an array of products from breweries and cideries right here in the Rochester area and Upstate New York.

At Hart’s, our identity is innately tied to the rich history and promising future of this city and region. Our customers tend to fully grasp that reality upon their first visit. What’s often less apparent, however, is the extent to which Rochester’s municipal identity is enveloped in brewing. Not only is Upstate New York one of the most prolific hop producing regions in the nation, Rochester was once home to nearly as many breweries as original Hart’s locations.

Almost a century later, craft brewing has exploded throughout Upstate New York, including right here in Monroe County. Recent additions to the Rochester local brewing lineup include: Roc Brewing Co, Swiftwater Brewing, and Lost Borough Brewing Co, who have all opened to great fanfare. It’s an enviable list, and it doesn’t even extend beyond city limits.

A few of our favorites for summertime.
A few of our favorites for summertime.

Craft brewing’s revival in our region has conveniently coincided with Rochester’s renewal and reinvention. As our city changes around us, it’s important to hold firm to our identity as Rochesterians. Fortunately, we will always have plenty of locally crafted deliciousness to remind us that we are lucky enough to live in a city that produces beer of the highest quality. Sixpoint Brewery likes to boast: “Beer is Culture”.

Here, at Hart’s, we’re just as confident that “Beer is Identity.”

So, stop in, grab a Rohrbach (or a Three Heads or a CB or a brand new Genesee Scotch Ale orrrr … OK, I’ll stop there… this might take a while), and drink to the Flower City’s storied past and promising future.



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