An afternoon at Pittsford Dairy

May 15, 2015

IMG_20150505_143823“My great grandfather and grandfather bought the farm in the late 1920s,” says Charles Corby, owner of Pittsford Farms Dairy. “It used to be a world renowned Shetland pony farm. They shipped ponies as far away as Egypt and Israel.”

By the late 1880s it became a very pronounced dairy farm, and milk in glass bottles has been delivered from this location ever since.

“When my dad took over in 1961, there were 45 milk bottlers in the Rochester area,” says Charles. “Now there are just two.”

“I’m pretty lucky that I had a dad that worked so hard to keep it going. In 2011, we made my dad take a break. He hadn’t had a day off in fifty years,” Charles says with a smile. “He’s still here almost every day, though!”

In 1986, the Corbys moved their herd of 75 cows to Mendon and began trucking the milk in. All of the processing is handled at the Pittsford location, where the milk is vat pasteurized. “It’s all grass fed, without GMOs and hormones,” says Charles.

Though Pittsford Dairy is perhaps best known for its glass bottle milks, it has also developed quite a following with its line of homemade premium ice creams.

“We scooped up 10,000 cones just last week,” Charles beams. “We don’t cut corners, either. We crush all of the Oreos by hand for several of our flavors. We go through nearly 700 pounds of Oreos each week!”

We were lucky enough to stop by just as they were churning out “Dirt,” one of the more popular flavors. Mmm. There really is nothing quite like freshly churned ice cream.

Oh, and of course you can find a wide variety of the ice creams at Hart’s, not to mention the milks and chocolate milk. We’ll see you soon!

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