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November 11, 2015


This Thanksgiving, we are proud to be partnering with FingerLakes Farms to bring you all-natural turkeys!

Their turkeys are all-natural, no antibiotics, no hormones, delivered fresh and never frozen. They are corralled in the fields of their farm in Interlaken, NY in a very large movable pen which is rotated regularly over a fresh pasture. The pen is a couple thousand square feet and allows for the birds to have plenty of room to forage in a large expanse of pasture. Inside that pen they also have an aluminum frame structure with a tarp fastened over it for shelter. This structure is moved along with the pen thus providing the birds ample shelter from inclement weather and for warmth if needed. Along with their natural foraging, the turkeys are fed a natural local feed that includes non-GMO corn and non-GMO roasted soybeans.

Save time, let us brine – brining makes your Thanksgiving bird more tender, juicier and tasty!

The salt in the brine adjusts the structure of the meat so it can absorb and contain more moisture resulting in juicer meat. The salt also penetrates deeper into the meat allowing the muscle fibers to relax which results in more tender and flavorful meat. We also add fresh herbs and a hint of sweetness to our brine adding a bit more flavor and color to your finished bird. All you have to do is pick up your bird in a bucket and roast. We do the prep work for you!

How big of a turkey should you get?

Generally speaking the amount of guests should equal the pounds of turkey you order. So one pound of turkey for one Thanksgiving guest (unless, of course, you want a lot of leftovers!).

Order your Thanksgiving turkey, sides and pies today by coming into Hart’s or calling (585) 521-4278. You can choose from different sizes and even have your turkey brined in-house. Click here for an example order form. A $50 deposit is due at time of pre-order for all turkey orders. Pre-orders end Sunday, November 15th.

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