A grocery store you say?

June 27, 2014

What’s it like building a grocery store? Well we aren’t going to lie about it, we’re a mixed bag of nuts.

There’s the two old codgers that know grocery store kick reports just as well as they know how to pull a pallet off of a truck. The Chef, who proudly keeps a knife and cutting board on his desk as he pulls together recipes, 20 years in the collecting. There are the creatives with endless swirls of nuanced ideas. The butcher who keeps the carnivorous of us in good italian sausage, the front end manager who is cool as a cucumber in chaos, and the young whipper snappers applying new ideas to the codgers’ old school methods. And of course, there is our captain at the helm.

Here we all are, celebrating the night we closed on 10 Winthrop Street.
Here we all are, celebrating the night we closed on 10 Winthrop Street.

Their talents are so varied, there is only one word that really describes an association of people with so many unique talents driving toward one purpose: a “company.”

A new company of people is a particularly special thing. Every day someone surprises you with a new skill, new idea, or new tool that just takes the bar up one notch. The flip side is that in a new company, if you find yourself in front of a shovel – guess what – you’re digging. Here at Hart’s, sometimes you find a find a meat slicer on your desk that way. Other days you are spray painting floor drains on cement while pushing out tweets on Rochester’s First Friday with your other hand.

It’s fun. There’s nothing like it, and we can’t wait to introduce some really talented folks to you.

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  • I’m the guy looking inthe window every few days, shielding his eyes to see how things are progressing. I work nearby and can’t wait for access to great fresh and local foods I can pick up on my way home. I know some folks who live nearby, too, and they are even more impatient than I am. This is also so very importatn to revitalizing our city as a great place to live and work… I know ther are a couple other markets within the city limits, but downtown? Not so much. ANd it looks like you’re doing it the right way. Thanks for what you’re dong!

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