6 Steps To A Creative, Authentic, and Personal Gift Basket

December 9, 2016

Today our friend Sarah Potter, owner of cooking, lifestyle, and travel blog The Pastiche, is here to share what to keep in mind in order to create a creative, authentic, and personal gift basket this holiday season!

A thoughtfully curated gift basket has the ability to absolutely blow its recipient away. Because, it’s just that: thoughtful and curated, which is more than you could say about most items on a store shelf. And it seems to transcend its monetary value, which is true of all the very best gifts, because it feels more creative, more authentic, and more personal.

Since we now find ourselves wrapped up in the hustle bustle that is also the season of giving, this sort of gift seems more fitting than ever. We all know the feeling of being completely stumped over what to gift a person, whether for the holidays or to say thank you for hosting. I can’t think of a more thoughtful way to show a little love and appreciation than through a beautiful and personal gift basket that doesn’t require much more work than a bit of brain power to kick things off.

Decide on a budget
And try not to stray. If you have a budget first, it’s easy to think about a theme and make decisions accordingly to stay within or around your budget.

The more tailored, the better
Everyone loves receiving something thoughtful, but it is even more special when the item feels personally tailored. So, while I’m sure no one would turn their cheek at a bottle of wine, it’s nice to add a customized touch to that – even if it’s a little tag exclaiming that it’s your favorite bottle and you wanted to share it! This also goes for the gift basket’s theme – if the recipient loves pasta or loves dessert, consider going in a fitting direction with the theme!

Add a personal touch
Whether it’s by using a family recipe, or including a favorite quote or sentiment of yours, do it with a bit of personality. Even simply hand-writing a card, as opposed to printing one, makes for a warm touch.

Be thorough
Especially if a gift basket’s theme revolves around a specific event or meal, think about every aspect before beginning. Not only will this ensure that you don’t leave out any crucial ingredients or pieces to the puzzle, but it will also help you to think creatively. For example, if you decide to do a breakfast themed gift basket for your overnight hostess, you may feel uninspired by simply packing up pancake mix and syrup. What about including a couple of coffee mugs and seasonal creamer, fresh squeezed juice, or some homemade berry butter? Pretty cloth napkins or wooden utensils are always pretty additions, too. Make a thorough list of options or must-haves before shopping, and then be open to inspiration while browsing in the store, as well.

Consider a sensible vessel
If you can gift everything in a vessel that’s usable, this is ideal! I love the idea of packing things in a cute wire basket, a colander, or a mixing bowl. Think outside the (literal) box!

Presentation matters
Don’t forget that the way the items are presented makes the end result greater than the sum of its parts. Arrange the items beautifully, use pretty liner paper, consider tags or repackaging to spruce up grocery store items, and display everything in a pretty or clever vessel. Arrange smaller items towards the front or on top of larger items so that everything can be seen. And it’s better to have a basket appear to be overflowing than empty, so keep size in mind when you’re planning your theme and picking out a vessel.


Interested in getting a one-on-one lesson with Sarah on how to build the perfect gift basket? Sign up for a free, 30-minute lesson on December 17th right here at Hart’s! You’ll have 5 minutes to chat, 15 minutes to shop, and then 5-10 minutes of time to have her help you arrange. She’ll also send you home with recipe and gift tags you can use to personalize and finish your basket at home. Sign up here.

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