5 Tools To Inspire You & Help You Meal Plan

February 22, 2016

Groceries at Harts

Between work, snowstorms and everything else that comes up each day, meal planning can be tricky! Good news– we’re here to help. Here are five tools we’ve put together to help inspire you and help you meal plan:

1. Our recipe collection search feature. Have you seen the collection of recipes we have on our website? Just click on “recipes” at the top of our website and use the drop-down menu’s on the right to make your selection. Perhaps there’s an ingredient in your fridge you want to use up, or an ingredient you know you child loves! Go ahead and select that in the menu. From there you can even select the course and whether you’d like for it to be gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan. This is just the beginning too! We’re adding new recipes every day.

2. Meals under $15. Over the weekend we added a new feature to our recipe section: meals under $15. Some of our recipes now show the cost of buying all of the ingredients if you were to make that recipe at home, ordering through Rosie. So now, not only can you find meals fit for the whole family, but you can also find meals that easily fit your budget.

3. Speaking of…Rosie! The words ‘planning’ and ‘time’ go hand in hand and we know that our customers are busy. So, let us do your shopping for you! Use the time you’d spend in the grocery store planning your meals, then add the ingredients you need to Rosie and let us deliver those items right to your door if you live within 5 miles. Work downtown? You can also schedule an in-store pickup if that’s more convenient.

4. Shop with a registered dietitian. We’ve teamed up with Highland Hospital to help you stay healthy in 2016! Choose from one of 3 sessions to attend and learn tips for selecting healthier options, ask the experts your nutrition questions, pick up a few new recipes, and taste some healthy foods, too! Register here.

5. #HartsYUMs. Here’s something extra to inspire you! Share with us a photo of a meal you put together using Hart’s ingredients on social media. Make sure to use the tag #HartsYUMs for a chance to be featured on our social media and win a Hart’s Gift Basket.

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