Thank you, Mom!

May 12, 2017

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, we had the opportunity to chat with some of our contributors and local vendors about this special day. Check out their stories, try their recipes, and most of all- Happy Mother’s Day!

Lindsay Tarnoff, Laughing Gull Chocolates:
My mom has been a huge support as I’ve launched and expanded Laughing Gull Chocolates. We created a recipe for frozen hot chocolate together, too! Here’s our recipe so you can enjoy it with your Mom.

Sarah Potter, The Pastiche:
My mom and my grandma are my two favorite women in my life, so Mother’s Day (every day for that matter) is a time I thank my lucky stars that I’m able to count them as my best friends. My grandma is an enormous inspiration to me as a cook and baker, so it seems only appropriate to make one of her recipes to celebrate: cinnamon sugar coffee cake. I love being able to spread the love to others in my life, as well; over the years this coffee cake has become a favorite morning sweet to many–it’s simple, straight forward, and delicious.

Breanna Banford, Yelp Rochester:
My mom’s been known to order many a quiche when we dine out together so when she lived in Rochester, I’d make her homemade quiche for Mother’s Day. She lives in Colorado now, but I’ll still be making quiche for brunch and chatting with her on the phone. I’ve adapted this recipe several times using items in my pantry or seasonal veggies, such as artichoke and leek or asparagus and goat cheese, even swapping the milk + cream for almond milk. Also, I always make my own pie crust — worth it every time!

Michael Passantino, Momma K’s:
With Momma K’s Meat Hot Sauce every meal has a flavor of Mother’s Day to it, especially because it’s My Mom’s recipe! Throw it on your burgers (especially the Hart’s Burger), your egg-sandwiches or omelettes, mac and cheese, or practically anything else! “Momma K” is the backbone of everything our family does and one of the main inspirations of our product (hence the reason we named it after her). She is easily one of the most genuine, caring, and joy-filled individuals you will ever meet. I couldn’t think of anyone else I would rather share in this venture with than her! Love you Mom!

Mackenzie Picaretto, Mackenzie’s Table: I love the idea of making this Spring Socca (flatbread) for my Mom this Mother’s Day! If there is anything I could say, it’s that she is the inspiration and constant support behind everything that I do. I’m in awe of her on a daily basis and feel so incredibly lucky to be doing this life together.

Molly Hartley co-owner of Scratch Bakeshop:
We think our peach blossom tea cookies are the perfect recipe to either share with, or make with your mom! When Kate and I first opened Scratch Bakeshop, my mom actually gave us her own Kitchen Aid mixer for us to use because we could not afford one. Before we were able to hire any staff, she would even come and work our retail counter. We’re pretty sure our customers would come solely to see and talk to her in the front. Now, as a mother myself, I can appreciate her endless support even more. It’s an incredible feeling to just sit with her and my son, three generations, to just share a laugh and of course, a cookie.

Join us for our Mother’s Day Mini Market on May 13th from 12pm-3pm to shop her vintage wares from Home.Style.Heart, pick up flowers from Flower Fields Forever and try samples from Laughing Gull Chocolates, Momma K’s Hot Sauce and more! 
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