Meet Jon Itkin, Hart’s Customer

July 24, 2015

Jon Itkin works downtown. Every work day he experiences both the city’s history and future–in its people, the architecture, and developing urban environment. He feels Rochester’s future being built as it happens. Jon lives in Brighton with his family. Between work and home is his grocery store (guess who?) Hart’s. Just a few blocks from work, along his path toward home, Jon can stop in for the meal he’ll make that night in Brighton. So he can sit in his backyard with his wife and kids, and relax.

Meet Theresa, our Delivery Supervisor

July 17, 2015

Meet Theresa Redmond, our Deliver Supervisor and Rosie Rockstar. She’s been with us since day one! With her love for people, her entrepreneurial spirit (and her background as a professional singer!), we knew she’d be the perfect person to supervise our new “Rosie” grocery delivery service!

Meet Brian, our new Beer Curator

July 10, 2015

The passing of a torch or passing of a beer, so to speak, is a special thing. With Aeron, our current beer buyer, moving on these next weeks, Brian was eager to step in, and we wanted to introduce him to you, but not without acknowledging our outgoing veteran.

Traditions and a Neighborhood Celebration

July 2, 2015

Aside from the obvious celebration of our independence, the Fourth of July is all about tradition. Neighborhood grocery, like the Fourth of July, is a celebration of tradition. Part-time barista, full-time writer and philosopher, Kurt Indovina gives us some thoughts for our July 4th celebrations.