Join us at the Hart’s May Vendor Market

April 30, 2015

Hart’s Local Grocers will be hosting a local vendor market on Saturday, May 9th, with 19 local vendors offering tastings. Vendors include: Joe Bean Coffee Roasters, Eat Me Ice Cream, Popcorn Charlie’s, Hedonist Chocolates, The Piggery, Iroquois White Corn Project, and many more.

Springtime in the Hart’s Cheese Shop

April 16, 2015

Spring is finally here! The temperatures are rising and the vegetation is beginning to green. Soon young kids, lambs and calves will be frolicking around and their moms will be grazing on all of the fresh newness of the season. Learn about the variety of fresh cheeses that arrive with the season, and sign up for cheesemaking classes at Hart’s!

10 easy ways to prep your home for allergy season

April 8, 2015

Unless you plan on hiding inside a HEPA filter for all the warmer months in Rochester, you or someone you’re close to will probably deal with some kind of seasonal allergy. While some allergy responses are more severe than others, there are ways to minimize and neutralize seasonal allergies with a little bit of preparation.