Meet the Lin Family

April 17, 2014

If we told you there are 55,000 tea plants growing across from the Waterloo Outlet mall, you might think we’re kidding, but it’s true! Mark and his wife Lily are proud to be the first (and only) tea growers in the Finger Lakes. The Lin family worked with Cornell University for several years perfecting their growing practices.

Meet the bakers

April 10, 2014

Small World Food is a local worker-owned cooperative that prides itself on sourcing all of its ingredients locally. How does Small World describe themselves in a nutshell? “We use fresh, natural ingredients in everything we make to provide the best tasting, most nourishing food possible.” It all began with a couple of ovens in a house in the Plymouth Exchange neighborhood. Luke Stodola founded Small World in 2007 by gathering some friends from college to “see what they could do.